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When Should You Get a Home Inspection?

This is a question that many think they already know the answer to. While buying a home is the obvious time to get a home inspection because the inspector can help you to evaluate the condition of the home, it is not the only time for getting a home inspection. There are other times when ordering a home inspection is a good idea…

  • When getting ready to sell your home

  • When your present home warranty is set to expire

  • When planning on spending money to update your home, and finally

  • When you feel like it! Let’s take some time to explore why each of these opportunities are good times to have a home inspection.

Why would you want a home inspection prior to listing your house? When you put your home on the market it is only a matter of time before a home inspection will be scheduled. So why not get ahead of the game and have an inspection completed prior to listing your home? When you have a pre-listing inspection done you can catch potential problems before buyers show up and have a chance to request these repairs when your home goes under contract. By fixing these problems ahead of time you can take time to choose the best contractor for you and also eliminate last minute issues that may chase buyers away.

We all know that new homes, much like new cars, can have issues that may not rear their ugly head until years down the road. Unfortunately Murphy’s Law says that these issues will happen right after your new home warranty expires, leaving you with the repair bill. Let’s show Murphy who is boss! When you have a home inspection done prior to the warranty expiring, your home inspector can spot covered problems and then you can have them fixed under warranty, eliminating any cost to you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what items in your home not only need to be repaired, but which ones should be at the top of the list? A professional home inspector can provide you with a detailed home inspection report that you can use to sit down with a contractor to decide what you would like to fix, update or change. This not only provides you with a to-do list but also lets you know what condition your home is in.

Finally, order one whenever you want! There is no wrong time to have a home inspection. Sometimes, we need a little help knowing what type of maintenance we should tackle next. You can bet one of our inspectors and their keen eye will be just the ticket to get you on the right track… or confirm that your handy work has been spot on all along!! Visit today to schedule your home inspection.

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