Click the photo links below to take a look at our professional, easy-to-read, full home inspection reports.  All reports include easily distinguishable sections and full-color photos along with a description of any and all issues or concerns.

2 Story on Abq's Westside

This inspection is for a typical stucco home on Albuquerque's Westside.  The home was built on a slab and just under 1900 square feet with an asphalt shingle roof.  This home includes attic access which allows our inspectors to note insulation type and amount along with whether the home has adequate venting for plumbing and appliances and whether the  correct type of ventilation tubing/material has been used.  Also visible from an attic is whether the roof has ever allowed any type of moisture damage.

70 yr old Downtown w/ basement

While basements are rare in Albuquerque, they do exist.  This report was for a home in the Wells Park neighborhood built in the 1940's.  Most people believe that a home's age is a direct indicator of condition.  What we find is that there is no way to determine a home's quality without a full inspection.  New homes have problems just as old homes do.  It's a matter of finding and diagnosing the issues that will ultimately help you in the process of buying or selling a home.  

Traditional NE Heights Ranch

The home inspected for this report is a type we come across quite often.  A single story ranch style home in Albuquerque's Northeast Heights.  The house was probably built in the late 60's and had very few updates.  The furnace for this house was in the attic which can be a nuissance to get to and could mean the homeowner slacked on routine maintenance .  Just another reason a thorough home inspection is a great idea for most homebuyers.